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According to the AMA as reported by Forbes Magazine in May of 2009, the Medical Profession is under pressure. The report shows that since 1999, insurance reimbursement has DECREASED by 40%, while the cost of Business has risen by 20%. This is a 60% net negative effect. Further, as a result 57% of the Practitioners are so dissatisfied with their profession that they would NOT recommend their career path to their children.

There IS a solution for you. The solution is Apex Medical Services.

Apex Medical Services is one of a kind company that was developed with the SOLE purpose of helping Medical Physicians (MD & DO), Podiatrists (DPM), Chiropractic Doctors (DC) and Physical Therapists (PT) become significantly more profitable and efficient in their practice.

Please review our services and ask about our testimonials. they are REAL. Let's make YOU our next testimonial!

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