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Custom Orthotics

Podiatrists, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists have been using "Custom Orthotics" for many years. Custom orthotics have evolved from the "Plaster of Paris" days to newer technology.

Our feet are our foundation when we stand. When a foot is pronated (fallen arch), the leg bones rotate internally, the pelvis rotates and the spine curves from side to side. Biomechanically, a pronated foot can cause or contribute to pain and dysfunction in the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and spine.

Properly fitted, custom orthotics can be a phenomenal clinical tool to accompany chiropractic, physical therapy or podiatric care.

There are many companies selling their version of "quality" orthotics. Some actually do offer a high quality product, but their marketing and sales expenses require they to charge $100 (or considerably more) for their orthotics. Many others cut their costs by cutting quality. Apex medical can help their clients arrange "exclusive" access to high quality orthotics and wholesale prices. Allowing the doctor to increase their profit or provide custom orthotics at a discounted price without affecting profitability.

Apex medical provides clinical training on assessment and fitting for orthotics custom orthotics. Apex also trains the billing staff on how to maximize insurance reimbursement when applicable.

Whether your specialty is chiropractic, physical therapy, or podiatry, offering a quality custom orthotic at a reasonable price is important to you. We understand that, which is why we help make that happen.

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