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Diabetic Orthotics

The number of Diabetic Americans has risen at an alarming rate in recent years. Diabetes presents with many complications, among them are a decreased peripheral vascularity and peripheral neuropathy. A combination of the decreased blood flow and poor neurological function often times contribute to Diabetic ulcers.

Improper foot wear (shoes and/or orthotics) can cause small, seemingly harmless points of pressure. These pressure points may be harmless with individuals with adequate peripheral blood flow and normal nerve function, but may wreak havoc with a Diabetic individual.

The small pressure points cause areas of ischemia which worsens over time because of the Diabetics' inability to heal. These Diabetic Ulcers can vary in severity, even leading to gangrene and serial amputations in many Diabetic individuals.

Insurance and Medicare pay millions of dollars every year treating diabetic ulcers (wound care, surgeries, medications, etc.). Medicare has decided to allow doctors to provide preventative care for these individuals due to the cost savings to the insurance companies and Medicare. The decision was to provide Diabetic Shoes and Diabetic Orthotics annually.

The Medicare Diabetic Shoe Bill provides coverage for one set of Diabetic Shoes and three sets of Diabetic Orthotics annually. Apex Medical Services has a Diabetic Shoe and Orthotic program. Many Medical Physicians are taking advantage of this program to help many of their patients prevent catastrophe due to Diabetes.

Apex makes this process easy and seamless for the Physicians and their Patients.

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