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Electrodiagnostics (EDX) is a phenomenal clinical tool for clinicians. The test is indicated anytime the patient experiences ANY peripheral (shoulder to fingertips, hip to toes) symptoms. Symptoms can include, but is not limited to: Pain, numbness, tingling, burning, spasm, and weakness. What makes EDX such a great clinical tool is that it is among the most objective diagnostic tests available. EDX measures the velocity of nerve impulses in milliseconds, the strength of the impulse in milliamps and also abnormal impulses.

    NOTE: There are ONLY three legal ways to have Electrodiagnosis done in your office: (*)
  1. You become Certified and then earn your Diplomate in electrodiagnosis, purchase your own equipment and supplies and perform the examinations and write the reports yourself. There is a huge time and financial commitment to accomplish this.
  2. You can hire (Employ) a Doctor who is a Certified Electromyographer with a Diplomate in Electrodiagnosis. You will need to purchase your own equipment and supplies.
  3. You can hire an Independent Contractor who has their own equipment and supplies, and who will examine the patients and prepare the reports for you.

* Any "other" arrangement ("Professional-Technical Split", "Leasing Space", etc.) is very likely a VIOLATION of Stark I and/or Stark II Federal Laws and therefore may be considered a FELONY. Apex Medical Services will NOT participate in any such relationships.

Using Apex Medical Service for Electrodiagnostics is EASY. Your patients are seen in the comfort of your office. Apex Medical will provide you with Patient Brochures to give to the patient when you schedule them. This brochure will answer all of the patient.s questions, let them know how to prepare for the test and put them as ease.

Apex will train your Physicians and staff (Clinical & Billing) to ensure optimum success. This process is very easy. Our EDX reports include an electrophysiological impression, a clinical impression and clinical recommendations which can help the Physician direct the patient in effective treatment with positive outcomes.

There is absolutely no cost to get started with Apex Medical Services. Apex Medical Neurodiagnostics will help the Doctor gain access to valuable clinical information that will help them direct the care of their patients with confidence. Doctors will also earn MORE money and allow them to have MORE free time.

Contact us to see how Apex can help your practice.