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Physical Therapy Training

Physical Therapy is well known to help patients with a variety of pains and injuries. Spine Journal in 2002 and 2003 revealed the combination of manipulation (i.e. Chiropractic) and exercise (i.e. Physical Therapy) is the best treatment option for neck and back pain. The combination was shown to be far better than either Chiropractic or Physical Therapy alone.

For Chiropractors, from 2008 to 2010: Insurance reimbursement is decreased by 32% and the cost to do business has risen by 4% in the same time. That's a net negative 36% in 2 years. (Source: Chiropractic Economics, June, 2010- Salary & Expense Study)

Insurance companies are paying less and less for "passive" therapies and more for "active" Physical Therapy. A natural solution for the "financial crunch" is to add Physical Therapy into the Chiropractic practice.

Insurance rules for billing and coding have become very stringent and most Chiropractors are unknowingly violating many of the insurance rules and are only one audit away from devastation. Likewise, most Chiropractors documentation does not support the care provided or the bills being submitted to insurance providers.

Dr. Seymore is both a Board Certified and Licensed Physical Therapist and Chiropractor. Dr. Seymore has developed proven and effective Physical Therapy Protocols for Chiropractors. Dr. Seymore's Training makes P.T. EASY for Chiropractors.

Dr. Seymore.s P.T. Training provides:

  • Quick and easy diagnoses
  • Insurance billing guidelines
  • 7 to 13 second daily notes (complete and thorough)
  • 1 minute examination documentation
  • Complete, easy documentation for Chiropractic & P.T.
  • Step by step PT protocols (for every musculoskeletal condition)
  • Medical Doctor & Attorney Marketing Systems
  • Cash Profit Centers Implementation
  • Office Flow & Systems Training

Dr. Seymore's P.T. Training is a MUST for any Chiropractor who is already providing Physical Therapy (or want to provide P.T. services). Dr. Seymore's training will not make you audit proof, but it can make you "judgment proof".

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